Both Doctors and Pharmacists Are Important

Both Doctors and Pharmacists Are Important

It is somewhat confusing to say who is better between a doctor and a pharmacist. For some reason, you may be forced to say that doctors are better because of their pay. In most countries, a medical doctor is given more respect than a pharmacist due to the wrong notion that a medical profession is needed more than pharmacists. The work of a doctor is enormous. They have to start personal engagement to know what is wrong with them.

A doctor must be trained enough to know the questions to ask and how to ask them. The delicate nature of their job is seen in the recommended diagnosis, which is for patients. Adequate knowledge of how the body structures are plus how each function helps a doctor to perform surgeries that in some cases are life-threatening. To become a consultant surgeon demands a series of tasking pieces of training.

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Despite all these reviews, pharmacists are no less good than doctors for they play a serious and critical role in healthcare. Before the incidence of surgery, people have been taking drugs in different formulations. It is the exclusive work of a pharmacist to see their effective dosage. Drugs are poisonous chemicals which, when taken in the recommended amount, will get rid of concerning ailments. The pharmacists, therefore, understand pharmacology, pharmacology plus biochemistry of drugs. In fact, most institutes advise that medical doctors should agree with their clinical pharmacists before giving medications to patients. Some countries are beginning to allow pharmacists to officially recommend drugs.

In as much as doctors seem to be more attractive, it will be difficult to see them actively practicing their profession except in the hospital whereas pharmacists can work in a range of places like research institutes and factories. They are versatile and demonstrate the indispensable necessity of pharmacist to even surgeons, the analgesia used during surgery must be checked or, certified by a pharmacist. It is taken to be torturous to work on humans and even animals with such drugs. Apart from that, pharmacists can start on their profession once they have the license to practice.

Both Doctors and Pharmacists Are Important

Nevertheless, both are necessary to the health system because of the different obligations performed. Advances in science have helped to even ease the workload of these professionals. An example is the use of telemedicine where a professional like a nurse can send a patient’s data to a pharmacist to ascertain the type of drug to give and vice versa.

Concerning a generation where there are much older people, there is a need to have both a doctor and pharmacist. It is good to understand that doctors are specially trained to understand the pathophysiology of diseases. Whereas pharmacists are greatly needed to provide the best medicine for the patient. A patient benefits greatly if both professionals come together to decide his immediate needs. The function of these professionals can be likened to goalkeeper and striker in a team. Though they cannot do the same thing, the absence of a profession is detrimental to the other.