Ontario Dentists get approval to finally open their offices

Ontario Dentists get approval to finally open their offices

Dr. Michael Ross in an interview yesterday revealed that dental offices across the country will be able to open given the approval from the Ministry of health and the Royal College of Dental surgeons of Ontario. However, he confessed that many changes will be seen cleanliness will be ensured in all offices. He said all offices are not opening altogether because of the lack of good PPE and there have been sharing of the masks, gloves and other PPEs from the government, so many offices couldn’t get enough that could last for some days. The global outbreak made a lot of dentists stay at home, and they could only treat emergency patients; continuing the treatment of those who have not healed completely.

It is not the end of

It is not the end of the global outbreak, so the dental college is asking dentists to take extra care, and screen both staff and patients. The evaluation includes asking about the Patient status, risk of exposure, age, health complications and taking the patient’s temperature or ask them to measure from home. High-risk cases will only be treated if necessary with extra care being put in place. Some other rules include lesser patients in the offices, screening or asking for Patient’s travel history and it’s the dentist choice to treat someone with fears of being exposed to the virus.

Ontario Dentists get approval to finally open their offices

This means there is a long list of patients to attend to and dentists will have to work for long hours though Ross is happy dentists are to come back to work. He advised that dental diseases are harmful and those who need helps should not be afraid to come for it. Ross said the new rules ensure that tables and tools in a dentist’s office will be cleaned after each visit and rooms for young patients will be closed for now.

A doctor from Hammersmith Dental care Dr. Safa Al-Naher believes that the dentist does not just help with toothache but also help to early detect signs of mouth cancer and dangerous oral infections. There is a close link between oral health and other healthcare problems including heart diseases and diabetes which is why dentists are worried that dental-practices stopped for months. She revealed that more than a million appointments were cancelled because of the global outbreak leading to concerns that serious health problems may have been missed.

Dentists in England are to start treating patients from the 8th of June and it came as a surprise to most of them because none received a message from NHS England. Dr Peter Sharp of Thornaby Hospital said they all are waiting for clear rules on how they should work and provide a safe environment for them. Although, there is lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the body has laid down tight safety measures. There will be in increase in the time spent between the dentist and patient and surgeries involving the user of tools generating aerosol cannot be used until NHS gives approval. The BDA advised that times have changed and the rules should be followed strictly.